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Horton's Antique Clocks
Lux Clock Mfg Co. unsigned 8 day cuckoo, ca
1935. Case and weights made of wood flour and
resin and is 7.5" wide, 13"
high. Larger than the pend-
ulette clocks and it has an
8 day time only movement
and a brass pendulum bob.
Movement is running. Bob
not pictured. The case is in
excellent condition. Ly-
American Clocks, Vol.3,
Lux Clock Mfg. Co. "Bird Stationary", ca 1937.
Larger than the pendulette clocks standing 10"
high and is 6.5" wide. Regular
clock pendulum bob, imitation
weights and chains. Small bird in
window moves with clock tick-
ing. Case is in natural colors and
has the appearance of being
carved. Very much like case
766K, except not nearly as nice
and clean. The movement is 8
day, time only, and running. Ly-
American Clocks, Vol.3, #708.
Blinking Eye novelty clock, with a Black
Forest/Cuckoo industry motif. Movement is
signed "Western Germany" which
dates the clock 1950-1970. The
painted wood case is 10.5" high,
complete with iron weight, brass
chains, and pendulum. There is a
small amount of paint flaking on
the front. Back cover is in place
over the brass one day movement.
It is running.
Blinking Eye novelty clock, same movement,
weight, chains, and pendulum as 766M. Good
paint, excellent overall and origi-
nal. The only flaw is a wood split
up the middle about half way. Not
a real big deal, but it is there.
Signed "Western Germany" sever-
al places, front and back. The case
is 7" high. The one day movement
is running.
Animated alarm clock by RobertShaw Controls,
Lux Time Division, ca modern era. Paddle wheel
on the river boat turns as the clock
ticks. All original and like new,
stands 6" high. Operating properly.
Animated alarm clock by RobertShaw Controls,
Lux Time Division. Identical to 766P except ani-
mated wheel is on a locomotive.
Operating properly.
Motion Light in excellent working condition.
Two early automobiles are featured and when in
motion the scenery changes and it
appears the clocks are moving. Good
cord, switch, and other parts. I have
never seen one of these featuring old
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. rare 8 day alarm clock,
with advertising. Nickel finished case is clean,
polished, and in very good condi-
tion. Signed by the maker twice on
the dial. Advertising on the dial
reads, "Oberreich & Arnold /
Jewelers / La Porte, Ind." This rare
8 day alarm clock is not shown in
Ly-Gilbert, nor are there any 8 day
alarm clocks pictured. It has all the original
knobs and winding keys. It runs and alarms prop-
"The Jennings Brothers Mfg. Co. / Bridgeport,
Conn. U.S.A.". signed on the back plate of the 8
day movement of this
metal tambour type case.
The case is signed, "JB"
and the dial is signed,
"JBCo" and "Made In
U.S.A.". Excellent porcelain dial, seconds hand
and time hands, and very good beveled glass. The
time only movement is running. The case is about
12" wide and 6" high.
Ships clock of some type. 6" brass dial is signed,
"Smiths / Astral / Made In Great Britain". Three
original hands, 8 day time only
movement is running, seconds
dial, and a slow/fast adjuster at the
top of the dial. There is a heavy
hinged bezel with a thick beveled
glass. Some sort of knob you would hold when
opening the bezel, is missing. The case is 8"
across the back plate and is 4" high.
Lux Clock Mfg. Co. "Cat", ca 1937. 30 hour
movement is running. The cats tail is the pendu-
lum and as the pendulum swings
the cats eyes move. The clock is
7.5" tall, complete and all origi-
nal including the tail. It is very
rare to find this model with an
original tail. There is just a small
amount of paint loss around the
edge of the tail. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3
Very Rare Lux Clock Mfg. Co. "Boy Scout", ca
1930. I have sold a jillion of these miniature pen-
dulette clocks but this is the
first "Boy Scout" I have seen. It
is about 6.5" tall, in a
mahogany case with green tint.
Flags, tent, scarf, and uniform,
are all painted with bright vivid
colors. It is complete and the
30 hour movement is running.
Ly-American Clocks, Vol. 3, #809. The book
value on this clock has always been over $500, if
you could ever find one.
Lux Clock Mfg. Co. "Bulldog With Kittens", ca
1930. Kittens are made of heavy paper and rivet-
ed to a teeter-totter which
rocks back and forth acting as a
pendulum as the movement
runs. Brown case, brown bull-
dog, red berries, green leaves. I
can only speculate that the
hands and numerals have been
recently painted silver. As nice
as the other parts are the silver
could be original, but I throw
that out as a possibility. I have
only seen 3-4 of this model and
all had replaced kittens. These are original. The
30 hour movement is running. Ly-American
Clocks, Vol.3 #674.
Lux Clock Mfg. Co. "Bobbing Cuckoo Style
Pendulette Clock", ca 1937. The collector that
sent us these rare Lux clocks
must have kept this one because
it is almost mint original. I have
never seen a pendulette this
nice. The case is 7.5" high, has a
30 hour movement, pendulum,
and weights and chains. Nothing
else to say except it is very nice.
Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3,